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Extended essay topic help?

i want to do an EE about stalin..wht kind of research questions can i do relating to stalin and his rule, or his way of ruling etccany suggestions? im really having trouble narrowing down my topic, i want to do it about stalin but i cant really chooose a specific can anyone suggest any […]

How to make a topic sentence sound better?

I’m writing an essay on change… and for one of my paragraphs, im trying to argue that humans should resist change when it leads to the harm of ourselves or our surroundings, but I’m not sure how to make it sound more developed. Any ideas?

Why does college board forbid us to share the SAT essay topic until the grades are out?

Its not like anyone is going to abide by that law

Is this paper on topic? PLEASE HELP!?

My English teacher is trying to improve our writing skills, because for being in honors English we apparently suck. So she had us watch the movie Dead Poets Society because we are studying individualism. Then she said we are to write a one paragraph essay on how the ideas and themes of the transcendentalists are […]

How do I write an essay on this topic?

“Canada’s physical landscape is the result of a conflict between the forces that build the land higher and those that wear the land down.” Using a 5 paragraph essay, explain the meaning of this statement in your own words. Use at least one specific example from each of the following in your answer: Canada’s geologic […]

Omg, i’ve changed my essay topic 4 times already?

i need a topic that’s strong. Right now, im thinking about writing about how i was tall when i was in junior high school and how i got teased and felt insecure but how it helped me to be the person i am today.Is that a good topic? If not, any other ideas ? Please […]

Help me come up with a topic.?

I need help coming up with a topic for this:Write a three-page essay trying to convince someone in authority of the merits of spending more money for an issue related to health, child welfare, or elderly care.Your essay should be an argument that would persuade your reader that your cause is worthy of financial support […]

What do you think of my potential college essay topic?

I’m generally a strong writer, but I find that writing a college essay is much more difficult than the other work I’ve done. I’m considering writing about a website that I started. I created a 30-day “challenge” that over 600 girls participated it. Each day, I’d post challenges to make girls feel more confident. I’m […]


I need to write a huge persuasive essay about a controversial topic in the spring. I need to start coming up with topics for my paper. It needs to be a topic that has 2 sides (some people will be for it and some people will be against it). It should also be something I […]

What type of essay is this Topic?

If you were Secretary-General of the United Nations and given the task of creating a better world, what first action would you take and why? It is a persuasive essay but I want to know if it is also opinion,formal,descriptive, etc.