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What are some methods to decrease Urban Sprawl?

I have an argumentative essay to do on urban sprawl but I dont know how to start it. I am thinking of arguing how Urban sprawl is bad and ways to improve.it. However I need at least 5 sets of ideas to make body paragrphs explaining the different methods of ending it. So far my […]

Why was there conflict between rural and urban workers and the government of Russia?

Hello, this is the question for my History coursework and I am to cover all four governments:-Tsar-Provisional Government-Lenin-StalinI want to know if there are any useful websites or books I can use to help me write an essay on this given question? It would be very helpful if any of them mentions about food shortages, […]

How can i write an essay that joins both:a beautiful natural scenery and a beautiful urban scenery of a city?

ideas for the introduction will be awesome help

It is wrong to have zoos in urban environments essay.?

i have this essay for english and my teacher said to just do half a page of persuasive writing.Pleasee help/

Give an essay on rural children’s v/s urban children’s?

Here is some documentation which compares and contrasts rural children and urban children. Hope it helps: [external link] … [external link] ‘q=cach… [external link] ‘q=cach… [external link] ‘q=cach… [external link] …Look for words highlighted in green and blue (at least on the device I’m using, certain words are highlighted in green and blue; I don’t […]

I need theories or essays regarding urban design and renewalor some online notes?

I have no idea. Good luck.