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Is the production or the manufacturing of materials used for productions of Photovoltaic Cells damagning?

I’m writing an essay of the costs/benefits of solar energy, if you have any suggestions for the costs of using solar energy that would be great! Thanks for your help

“The Size of the Development Gap depends on the criteria used to measure it”?

“evaluate this statement at the global scale”this is my last assessed essay ive got to do, its ment to be in the style of a report… ive done a bit but im really stuck on how to do it… anyone elce doing geography that could help? (im in year 13)please help!Josh

What is used to draw cave paintings?

is it orche i’m doing a essay

Are plays allowed to be used in the the English Regents?

i hate reading boookx, i rarely read except for the newspaper, articles and some other things.,,tomorrow im taking the english regents and the only book [play] i know is Hamlet by i was wondering if i could use it for the criitical lens essay.thank you![advices][hints][thnk you =]!

How is fear used as a tool?

Its an essay topic and I need help

How are computers used in the baking and pastry career field?

I need to write an essay for my computer class about how computers relate to my future career (which is baking and pastry work). I am completely flushed for ideas. Any suggestions?

Language techniques used in the quote “inside the house lived a malevolent phantom”?

I’m writing an essay on themes in the novel To Kill a Mocking bird and I have chosen fear as a theme. I’m trying to demonstrate how this quote shows the fear felt towards boo Radley, but I can’t think of any language techniques used in this quote. Help?

Who used custom essay service and knows a reliable and not expensive one?

I definitely have no time for writing my essay and the only option left is custom essay service. I used some of them previously, but once I was noted for plagiarism. Eventually everything turned ok, but I was really nervous. Who knows some really reliable site? And, sure, the price shouldn’t be too high.

How are derogatory terms used today?

I’m Stuck! I am writing a formal essay on derogatory terms and ethnic slur, how it is used today, and basically how it offends people. The paper is a debate which we are asked to avoid logical fallacy. The paper asks my opinion, which I am obviously against it but I am also asked to […]

What type of introduction is used in this essay the case against chores?

This is the introduction of a persuasive essayIn the persuasive essay, you must defend your side of an argument. You are no longer merely showing, you are convincing. The persuasive essay must choose a side, make a case for it, consider and refute alternative arguments, and prove to the undecided reader that the opinion it […]