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What is the most important characteristic in a well educated person?

This is the topic I have to write in an essay but I’m not sure what to write about. Can someone give me ideas? User tags:consider something in your life you think goes unnoticed and write about why it\s important to you

How are my practice SAT scores and how well might I do on the real test?

Okay so I took a practice SAT from the Princeton review practice SAT book. Here are my scores (I had someone else grade my essay for me).Writing = 590-630Reading = 530-570Math = 510-550 On the essay I made an 8 out of 12.I heard that the tests on princeton review practice books were supposed to […]

For anyone who has well knowledge on J.R.R Tolkien and/or Charles Williams?

Would you know if they had any essays or other writings that are non fictional that speak of the cardinal virtues?

Would I be well prepared for the MCAT if I only studied from MCAT prep books?

I have little formal education in Chemistry, Org. Chem, and Physics, and I don’t know much about calculus (I do have 2 full years of university bio though, and I have lots of practice with writing essays and verbal reasoning.) Is it really necessary for me to take a Chem, Org. Chem, Physics, and Calc […]

Can you check an essay for me?i am a foreigner and still can’t write essays well, please.thank?

Person I am todayWhat makes me a person I am today?why am I like this?sometimes many of us have these type of questions. I thought about this many times. We are getting many influencies while we are growing up. These Influencies that affect us are making changes in our personality every day.The people that get […]

Well I just love asking and hearing new opinions so here about transfers.?

I really wanna go to UCLA or Berkeley and have applied.I have a 3.74 gpa (slightlyhigher or on par than their transfer averages) and i wrote very good essays. What are my chances, to atleast one, or both. I go to Orange Coast College (2nd highest transfering cc in america) and I am applied as […]

Help…Teacher yelled at me for something doing well?

Today I spoke to my teacher about me wanting to write essays as extension work, because my exams are coming up and I want to revise in the best possible ways I can. I told her and immediately she began to laugh out really loud (in a crazy sense) with big gestures and told me […]

What is a great politician, athelte, or actor that also made bad choices as well?

I’m writing an essay about a politician, athelte, or actor that is considered a hero but also has shown a weaker side of their character.I was thinking President roosevelt but I can’t think of any bad chooses he made.THANKS. =]

How is Sheenagh Pugh’s Poem, “Do you think we’ll ever get to see the earth sir?” related to memory?

I’m planning an essay for the connection between Carol Ann Duffy and Sheenagh Pugh on the topic of memory and was suggested to use “Do you think we’ll ever …” as a Pugh poem. However, I’m not sure how the poem relates to memory or how it can be connected to Duffy. Thank you

I am writing an essay to a serve academy. The question is: how can I serve my country well? Help please!?

Be patriotic. Don’t insult your country.Give examples of why you should be in the academy and why you have what it takes. Be somewhat informal. Be persuasive. Use good-quality paper. Check for good grammar and spelling. Make sure it’s professional. Don’t be wordy.