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What are some methods to decrease Urban Sprawl?

I have an argumentative essay to do on urban sprawl but I dont know how to start it. I am thinking of arguing how Urban sprawl is bad and ways to improve.it. However I need at least 5 sets of ideas to make body paragrphs explaining the different methods of ending it. So far my […]

What is the most important characteristic in a well educated person?

This is the topic I have to write in an essay but I’m not sure what to write about. Can someone give me ideas? User tags:consider something in your life you think goes unnoticed and write about why it\s important to you

What are some good questions to ask an adult about about how their parent’s divorce affected their childhood?

I need to make up a series of interview questions for a social studies essay. What would be some great questions to ask? Thank you!

URGENT: What conflicts have there been between Russians and Americans in the past?

Im doing an essay on the Berlin Wall, and before I can start I need to know what conflicts there have been. Thanks!

What are some good reasons to be against censorship?

I have a persuasive essay to write and I don’t really know any other ideas except for it takes freedom/right away. Please help! Thanks:)

What is a seventies sensibility?

I am working on a take home essay, my professor is asking about if there’s a seventies sensibility or not but I can’t quite think of it’s meaning. He’s not asking in terms of music or anything specific… help! I’m not sure what it means

What were the main factors leading to Hitler’s rise to power in Germany?

I’m doing a history essay on Hitler’s rise to power in Germany.I have included already the Treaty of Versailles and the harsh reparations enforced, the great depression.How would I include his charisma? i am unsure on how to establish a paragraph discussion on the topic of his charismatic leadership. also, his ideology ? Help would […]

What are some good topics for an essay?

The essay’s theme should be one of these: evangelistic, inspirational, Biblical, Christian growth, patriotic, or historical.Thanks

Ok, i have to write a compare and contrast essay by next week what are good topics? like really good topics?

i just need some ideas and input on some topics.. THANKS (:

What affect did the Kuomintang government have on china ?

Studying the history of china for my A-levels I have no text books and the internet isn’t really giving me much information and I need it to help me write my essay to go towards my final grade so any help will be awesome.