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What’s the site that rates your essay instantly?


Whats a catchy title for an essay on CHINA’S ONE CHILD POLICY?

so i have to write a persuasive essay that chinas one child policy is a bad thing, but i need a a catchy and interesting title to get the reader hooked in. please help! any ideas appreciatedoh yeah, some of my main points include1)people want sons to carry on the family name so2) females face […]

What’s a good thesis statement about independence?

I’m writing a visual response essay, and I can’t think of a good thesis statement. The photograph is of a teenager wearing all black, has a mohawk, and has many piercings, looking with disappointment at a job sign.

What’s a good topic for my China essay?

It has to relate to Chinese “identity” in some way. Any ideas?

Whats the theme of the short story Paul’s Case?

Please help, I’m lost and need to write a Grade 12 essay on the theme of Paul’s case. Please don’t say that I haven’t read it I have, but i don’t understand it at all. For example why does Paul comitt suicide at the end?

Whats your definition of cheating?

I need you guys help. I want to know your definition of cheating. What do you consider cheating in a relationship. I am writing an argument essay and I wanted to do something I think would be relative easy for me to write about and interesting at the same time. I figure either most people […]

What’s a good topic for a research paper?

I am a senior and I’m required to do an essay to graduate. I want a good topic in which is interesting and not used a lot.

What’s a good title for this essay?

I’ve just wrote a personal experience essay, and I have no clue what I should call it.The essay is about the last time I was in hospital because of my asthma. I’m a severe asthmatic and have been in and out of hospital ever since the age of two.I talk about my experience and how […]

What’s a simple definition of a CDO that even a 13 yr old would understand?

My nephew’s 13 and he’s writing (a very complicated) essay on how the recession started in the U.S. He keeps reading about CDO’s yet the definitions everywhere aren’t helping. What basically is a CDO in words 13 yr olds would know.PS: no i dont know what it is

Whats the difference between a rational person and an irrational person?

I am writing a descriptive essay on a person and I need to determine the Rational and Irrational Characteristics of the person. Please help. Thanks so much in advance.