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Do I have to write in first person when it comes to persuasive essays?

After reading through my essay, I realized that there is a lack of I’s, you’s, me’s, we’s, etc. I read an example essay and it had plenty of first person words. Is it necessary to write in first person?

What is it called when you wouldn’t use it in a conversation with your friend?

I am doing an English essay for GCSE about a Tiger Woods interview and he says he is “living a life of amends” what is this called because it’s not something you would use in a casual conversation but its more formal.

Precautions you would take when using a cell phone?

I have to write an essay about Cell phone, so I need some opinions about Precautions you would take when using a cell phone. I already got some like: put my cell phone away while I’m in class. use hands-free devices while I’m driving….

Does it not make you feel like a fool when your answer goes to a vote and you wrote a good essay on there?

I am just wondering?I notice some people really put in some effort to answer your question. Self written essay.

Like, when do you know when to consider it sexual harassment?

this guy kept telling me to stick my hand down inside his shirt. I was like no silly! but he wouldn’t turn around in his desk, he was trying to grab my hand and force me to touch him. He was like “just do it, don’t be scared.”I wanted to get back to my essay […]

If cells act as osmotic systems, why don’t we swell up and burst when we go swimming in fresh water?

This is for my A.P. Bio class and i have to write an essay on it. Please help.

When should we trust our senses (our five senses) to give us truth?

I am going to write an essay, can you please give me some ideas and examples…. The title is “When should we trust our senses to give us truth? What errors can each sense give, and in what situations can we really be sure that the sense or sesnses give us truth?

What does my teacher mean when she wants me to wirte about the “style” of a poem?

I’m writing an essay for my A-level english course but i’m really stuck. We’re doing work on John Clare poetry. She wants us to write about the “style” of the poem but i don’t fully understand what that means. Please help!

Examine the extent to which practical issues are the most important influence when selecting research methods?

its for my sociology as level essay, but i don’t understand what the question want be to wrie about, please can someone explain it to me?thank you

When was Christianity introduced in france?

i need to do an essay on french culture and i need to write their beliefs. So when did Roman Christianity arrive in France? around which time?