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Essay on a movie that can be tied with the Hero’s Journey?

I have to write a paper about a movie that I follows the formula of the Hero’s Journey. I’m going to do Gone Baby Gone. Can anyone give me some tips, or important things that I should include/focus on?

Can u help me with an american history essay that deals with wwi?

what role did public opinion play in the united states decision to enter wwi. thx

Help with my sexual orientation discrimination cause and effect essay?!?

For english im writing a cause and effect essay of sexual orientation discrimination. If anyone knows of any good sites with facts and statistics or even an idea of how to start my paper and the how to apply the concept of cause and effect with the topic. Any help will do!

I really need help with my book essay.?

So I have an english project and i need to compare the book Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan with any of the following books: Mayor of CasterbridgeCry the Beloved CountryGrendelBeowulfCanterbury TalesWuthering HeightsothelloThe problem is that I need to find a commonality between the books but i cant think of any whatsoever and i read […]

I need an essay on ‘shoot animals with a camera not a gun’. please provide a link.?

from a web search: “why shoot animals with camera not gun” [external link] … [external link] …

Quotes from The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins that show conflict (with page numbers)?

I need quotes and page number(s) from the book that show a Man vs. Man conflict, and/or Man vs. Nature conflict. I left my book at school, but my essay is due tomorrow, please help.

What is it called when you wouldn’t use it in a conversation with your friend?

I am doing an English essay for GCSE about a Tiger Woods interview and he says he is “living a life of amends” what is this called because it’s not something you would use in a casual conversation but its more formal.

A question about being right and wrong with respect to political argument?

I remember reading an essay in highschool that was entitled as, “Faces of the Enemy”. It outlined that the notion of “enemy”, if not politically cosntructed, is also psychologically constructed. That is, the idea of “enemy” across all nations and groups is universal in the sense that he/she is depicted as a violators of universal […]

I have to write a 300 words essay on indians’ obsession with cricket…plz offer ur advices!?

Poor old ashish bhatia (answerer above me), you’re not having a very good day today are you?Now you’ve got two whole nations to spew your venom at.What a sad lonely insignificant little man you are. Your parents must be immensely proud of the “man” you have turned out to be.

Help with a title for my Animal Farm essay?

My topic is how Animal Farm is not socially equal how it was supposed to be because the pigs corrupted it. Here is my thesis if it helps “However, Animal Farm is not the equal society it was supposed to be because the pigs corrupt it.”Thank you in advance!