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I need some help on writing good essays. how do u write good essays?

someone plz help on good essay writing skills. im really poor in writing with sophistication. what can i do? plz help me.

Can i write two different types of major in my college essay?

is it okay if i want to study athletic training and graphic designing on my college essay ?

How do you write an essay on social policy?

examine the ways in which social policies and laws may influence on family and households (24 marks)14marks for knowledge and understanding and 10 marks for evaluation,interpretation etc etc…Can someone tell me a good structure on how to approach this essay and what are the important things i need in hereThanks!

Is ok to write about tiger wood’s infidelity incident in an essay?

i just wrote this essay which contained some details about tiger wood’s affair (i didn’t write anything detailed and i didnt mention anything sexual). It was a creative writing task, so I wrote about the way Tiger Wood’s mother was feeling.Do you think I would get penalised for writing about such an incident? Because the […]

Which of these two topics would be better to write a 5000 word essay on?

1. Influences of literature on people, particularly children. I would talk about Alice in wonderland for drugs. The disney princess movies for love etc.OR2. How novels are changed to be made into plays for the west end and films etc. (or something along the whole literature-theatre-film lines)

Ok, i have to write a compare and contrast essay by next week what are good topics? like really good topics?

i just need some ideas and input on some topics.. THANKS (:

I have to write an essay about myself and i need a catchy introduction sentence. any suggestions?

First let me introduce myself. I am ————and I would like to tell you about my life.

I have to write a persassive essay. and i choose why people should try to go vegetarian..?

what order do you think the paragraphs should go in?-[beginning.. ]-stavration -health-animals-enivorment

Do I have to write in first person when it comes to persuasive essays?

After reading through my essay, I realized that there is a lack of I’s, you’s, me’s, we’s, etc. I read an example essay and it had plenty of first person words. Is it necessary to write in first person?

I have to write an essay, so what 2 christian bands should i compare?

these christian bands or artists have to have many similarities and differences. i want these to bands or artists to be of today, and for them to be rock. need this quick! thank you