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Why do college and university students hate writing essays?

Here’s my reasons:1. Difficulty in Organization despite being well read and knowing how to spell2. Time consuming3. BoringWhat are your reasons to hate writing college essays(If you love writing essays, don’t answer or start a flame war).

I am applying to a high school and part of the process writing an essay.Does anyone have any good topics?

Are you the educator, or the student? What type of HS is it? What area of the world? Do they make something special in the area? Is it a magnet school for Math and Science? I’ll need a little more information please. If you can find something that may be interesting to the principal that […]

I need some help on writing good essays. how do u write good essays?

someone plz help on good essay writing skills. im really poor in writing with sophistication. what can i do? plz help me.

I am new in English, please one person read my new writing?

Hi to all, I am preparing myself for toefl test but, unfortunately I do not have a English tutor for writing. I want you please read my writing below and guide me and give your ideas about it to improve that. And if you want to mark it, what is the score from 0 to […]

Degree level Essay writing (year 1)?

I’m doing an introductory essay for my geography, its 1500 words and i’m wondering about:Structure- 250 words for intro, 750 body, 500 conclusion?Harvard referencing system- How do i appendix the references (is it in chronological, appearance or alphabetical order?) what is the proper font and font size?Thanks

In writing, what is the difference between being objective and being fair?

Essay topic.Journalism.Thanks.

PLEASE help me with writing essays in general?

I took Honors English all my high school career. I am now in AP as a Senior…as a Sophomore, the teacher I had didn’t like my writing style AT ALL so I got C’s and B’s on essays. My Freshmen/Junior English teacher (same person both years) LOVED my writing style and I got A’s on […]

I am writing a literary analysis on The Awakening by Kate Chopin. Any good ideas on a thesis?

It’s not a huge essay, just a standard two-pages. I read it and I loved it, but I just can’t seem to be able to settle on a thesis. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I need homework help with writing my essay.?

Doesnt anyone know anything about writing the 3 forms of rhetoric? Im so confussed.I have to write an essay including those 3 forms for an essay Im writing about rugby

How do i go about writing a satyrical essay?

now, i am not asking for direct help with homework, but i am supposed to write a satyrical essay for my English Class, and i have no idea how to do so. i already have my outline done, and now i am going to work on actually writing it. it is supposed to be 5 […]