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How religious can your college essay be?


What is it called when you wouldn’t use it in a conversation with your friend?

I am doing an English essay for GCSE about a Tiger Woods interview and he says he is “living a life of amends” what is this called because it’s not something you would use in a casual conversation but its more formal.

Does it not make you feel like a fool when your answer goes to a vote and you wrote a good essay on there?

I am just wondering?I notice some people really put in some effort to answer your question. Self written essay.

I Am Applying For A Highschool. I Need A Good Format For An Essay I Can Hand In. or If Your Can Help Me..?

If Yu Can Help with some Advice on Thee Intro And The Conclusion. It Has To Be About Me Soo Can Yu Give Me Ideas..Im Lost. A Format Wud be Nicee. I Wud Much Appreciatte If Yu Cuz Provide Me With a Sample Essay. I Need Urgent Help. essays are due nxt week. HELLPPP!

How do you check your?

overall SAT score?There is the critical reading, mathematics, writting, and essayi want to know my overall score like if for example i got a score of 1040 or a score like that

What are 10 common substances in and around your home that contain ionic, covalent, or metallic bonds?

I have this chemistry essay that I need help with!Identify 10 common substances in and around your home, and indicate whether you would expect these substances to contain ionic, covalent, or metallic bonds.Any and all help will be much appreciated!

Can you tell me how to start a essay about your perception about the children soldiers and how they aretreated?

i mostly care about the topic sentence.please’thankyou.

What’s the site that rates your essay instantly?


How do making healthy choices help you focus on achieving your goals?

I’m writing an essay about it, so I need people’s opinions. Thanks.

What does “life is a sum of all your choices” mean?

Need to write an essay on this and how it relates to “Death of a Salesman” and “Macbeth”